No more games for me

What's New Bro?

So that's it no more games for me for the time being. My circumstances are different from when I started out and this is the beginning of a new direction for me.

Not that I don't love games because I do and they've taken up a large part of my life. More that I don't have the time anymore!

As you know rpg game playing can eat up your time and I just had so much going on with college and work.

I'm spending my time doing other things. Somehow I find it easier to manage my time when I'm not being sucked into a fantasy world.

Maybe one day a new game will tempt me back to my computer but for now I'm trying to lead a normal life lol.

For those of you that think you might be a bit addicted like I was I would suggest perhaps trying a new activity.

Games are fine as long as they're done in moderation. But if you find most of your life is games, you might want to try readdressing the balance.

I've discovered that keeping a busy schedule is about the most efficacious way for doing this.

Apart from work and study I spend my time doing all kinds of things now. I'm playing and trying new sports, taking private dance lessons and other stuff you don't have time to do when you're gaming.

Leaving gaming hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be actually. And if I do ever go back, at least I now know how to wean myself off again!

It would be hard to go back to hardcore 20 hour days of gaming though!

Think about it when you've got a full schedule how can you do that? There's only 24 hours in a day, I'd have to bunk off work if I wanted to get anywhere near that.

This isn't a tirade against games mind you! Just realizing that there are other things in life too and sometimes you have to stop gaming and take care of other things.

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